My microsoft wireless mobile mouse 3500 stopped working

I especially appreciate being able to to set the wheel to double-click. No maker other than MS provides this facility. I bought a tiny Targa optical mouse that plugs into the USB. It has a roll-up cord, and the whole contraption fits into a small pocket in my bag. Or batteries.

Thanks for any help. I have been using this mouse for the last months. So far I love it. With the nano receiver, I do not have to worry about plugging in and out from the USB port. The make and feel of the mouse is good. Battery life is ok. I am still using the first battery provided when I made the purchase. From the shop that I patronized, the logitech mouse with similar features is slightly more expensive. I believe the price of this mouse has fallen to compete with other manufacturers. Why not use bluetooth? Because, you see, one reason may be that operating systems already understand USB mice.

You can unplug a regular USB mouse and plug this in, and keep going without a hitch! There is nothing to install. With bluetooth, there is going to be some configuration headache. You need to install some mouse-over-bluetooth driver. But if you think that a bluetooth mouse is a great idea, you can certainly get them. Nearly every hole on your computer can be used for a mouse in some way, and someone will justify such usage in his particular setup.

Also I had some difficulty getting it to plug and play with Windows 7 32bit. Just went and checked the dongle on my mouse. I just purchase one of these for xmas for my brother to use on his notebook. His notebook does not have a CDrom. Is there software in the package that needs to be downloaded or will he be fine to just plug it in?

Just plug it in to the notebook and it will be recognized. You can download Microsoft mouse software from the Microsoft website. This will allow you to fine tune your mouse, but is not necessary for operation. I have not been able to get this same mouse to set up on my laptop. Windows is not recognizing the mouse.. Just bought it new.

Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 Stopped Working after 8 Months

Click Start. Go to Devices and Printers. Does it display a Microsoft Wireless Transceiver? If not, maybe you have a defective USB port or product. Switch USB ports. Just for the heck of it, download the mouse software from the MS website and see if that helps.

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I had a usb port replaced due to the fact that it burnt 3 usb mouse sticks. It has been 1 year and now another usb mouse stick has burnt. Put in a older usb logitech stick and so far working fine in same slot. Have you heard of usb sticks microsoft burning up before? I bought this mouse. The provided battery lasted for fifteen days. I replaced it with a Duracell Ultra battery that lasted for 6 weeks. Seems like I change the battery in this mouse every couple weeks. I love this mouse. I bought one for home and one for work during the boxing day sales.

I do however not believe the advertised 8 month battery life either. I wonder how much of that has to do with the surface though maybe having to work harder on some. My battery at home on a dark wood surface died faster than my battery at work on a light grey plastic surface — almost mouse pad like even though I use my mouse at work WAY more than I do my mouse at home. Why would they waste space on two off switches? Personally I much prefer the manual switch anyway so I can shut it off when the receiver is still in my computer.

I do have a usb bluetooth dongle that connects with my computer. However the device discovery does not pick up the mouse????? Hi, I have to clean up my middle wheel and I have no idea how to take it to pieces. Did someone solved this problem?

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Thanks in advance! I had my mouse for about 2 months without an issue but, it started acting weird last week. It completely stopped working, i replaced the original battery and started to work again. After just a week the mouse just stopped working again and it feels like the mouse is overheating. I can feel the heat on my palm while using it, i replaced the battery for the second time and it works. Now it works but, for the last few days, it pause from time to time.

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Umm Hi, I just bought this mouse today and i tried using it and for some reason this mouse just doesnt want to work on my laptop i have Windows7 and it doesnt want to work i checked the Devices and Printers section in my Start menu and it had a Yellow Triangle and an Exclimation sign in it. I trouble shooted but it found no problems i also downloaded the thing from the microsoft site for this and it still refuses to work anyone get this sort of problem and any idea on how to fix it?

Do i need to get a new Mouse? Geo: Sometimes other running processes can muck up the install of plug and play like devices. In there it should let you uninstall the device.

How can I replace my Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse USB receiver. -

I know it sounds annoying but it may take a couple tries of uninstalling it and reinstalling it before it finally does what you want it to. Some machines are just picky mine is one of those — it is rare when I can get a new device working the first time round lol. Everything worked fine. But 2 days later I had to return my laptop and get it replaces and now, of course, I cannot find the usb thingy that I need to set it up. Does this mean I have to go and buy another one??

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You are viewing our forum as a guest. For full access please Register. Optical mouse laser light blinks and goes out Tags: microsoft optical mouse. The mouse has suddenly begun to stop working. The blue laser light blinks several times and goes off and the mouse stops responding. The green light that shows battery power blinks rapidly once and goes off. I changed the battery thinking it was a battery issue. Doesn't seem to be so. I replaced the battery with a new one out of the package.

The mouse works when the power button is turned on, and about a minute later after working it turns off.

When Your Mouse Stops Working