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You can also take a break while waiting for a new mission by driving around the city. Controlling the car in the game is difficult, but when you get to know the controls, you will find this a great way to travel to explore the city. You will be more flexible if you choose a motorbike. But you are easy to be attacked or pursued by the police. GTA Vice City Mobile has great graphics with beautiful character designs and realistic lighting effects. City Vice City is built with the high buildings, streets filled with cars, bars, shops or the construction site.

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If you play the game long enough, you will notice that the effects in Vice City are very well done. For example, when you run and collide, the car is damaged and may catch fire, or when you fire on others, or effects when the environment is destroyed.

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The game is well optimized and runs smoother on most mobile devices. The latest version of Vice City is updated with many new maps and vehicles. Vice City owns a large number of professional dubbing actors and actresses. Also, it has a huge music library of the 80s with funny radio sound of Rockstar. The characters in the game become more lively thank to the realistic dubbed voices. In addition, the voices of the supporting characters and environmental noise make the player experience a world like real life.

We have shown you the outstanding features of this game. You were interested in it, right? As promised at the beginning of the article, we provide you with a link to download this game directly. Of course, a detailed guide will help you install this game easily in just a few steps. Please follow the steps below to avoid any problems. Therefore, you need to make a payment on the Play Store before downloading it. You can buy weapons, vehicles or anything in the game easily. It retained the classic look of the original in but was rebuilt with the better graphics and sound.

GTA: Vice City APK+ OBB+ Mod 1.09

The game takes the player into a large open world, experiencing the feeling of being a professional criminal, freeing everything and shooting anyone. Vice City is a highly entertaining game that helps players release stress. The game also requires agility and intelligence in carrying out missions. Hello, we are Modapkdl Team. We share the best game and applications for your Android devices.

GTA Vice City - Grand Theft Auto - Download for Android Free

This Android version, remastered ten years after the initial launch of the game, includes new features that won't leave anyone cold:. If you've come here with the intention of clicking on the green Download button and downloading the APK of Grand Theft Auto Vice City for free to enjoy one of the best installments of the saga developed by Rockstar Games, you're in for a disappointment.

It's a pay-to-play game that you won't be able to find for less than its official price of 4. Personally, I think it's worth every cent , and has nothing to envy of other legendary titles of this saga such as GTA San Andreas. If you played this great classic on your PC, you'll probably remember that Rockstar published a series of cheats and codes to unlock vehicles, weapons, and other extras.

GrandTheftAuto: Vice City 1.09 APK+ Mod+ Obb

This time around, the development studio didn't confirm their inclusion in the Android version, but they still work. To insert the codes you just need to search for them on Google and use an external keyboard to type them in or use your native one but keeping the Menu button pressed.

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Thanks to the latter you can get hold of all the weapon packs, obtain infinite money, commit suicide, make Tommy start smoking or even see cars flying through the sky, amongst many other options. Requirements and additional information:. Requires Android 2.

This is a pay-to-play game. Minimum operating system requirements: Android 7. Antony Peel.