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Here's everything we know about the OnePlus TV. Posted 2 days ago — By Josh Levenson. Still, sorting through the litany of options online can be both time-consuming and overwhelming. Adding the 30 penalty seconds gives us 83 seconds total for Shazam. That leaves us with just Musixmatch. While the app stumbled a bit more than Shazam did, its overall time to ID was faster.

Its total time was 33 seconds; adding penalties of 35 seconds means that Musixmatch finishes with a score of 68 seconds. The choice is clear on this one. Not only was Musixmatch the only app to identify track 3, but it consistently recognized songs in half the time that Shazam took. You can thus have confidence in Musixmatch as a great app to both display lyrics and identify music.

Were you surprised by these results? In the past, Shazam has come out on top, so Musixmatch must have been hard at work recently making its recognition system better. The problem is knowing where to look. We're here to help with an incredible list of resources just for you. Read More.

Shazam App Review For IPod Touch/IPhone

Your email address will not be published. What a biased result. A mismatch is a failure!! Who wants to know some random incorrect song?? A mismatch is in no way a better result than no match!! So the winner is not shazam. It failed once the runner up failed twice, but was much quicker so using your own penalty system for failed lookups it comprehensively beats shazam.

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However on pure matches shazam comes out top. Which ultimately is all that matters, no idea why time is even part of the equation?? What about Asian songs? I had TrackID for a while and it was perfect, but since the service is shutting down, I need to know where to look for that. I chose shoundhound over shazem for the simple fact that shazem requests unreasonable permissions. Pitiful test. I want immediate identification from the song intro. Additionally; I would have chosen songs from different eras and genres. In my unbiased tests, Google beats all these apps. Hello there! The first time that I heard this song predates smartphones and predates Shazam and as a matter of fact it was a DJ friend of mine who made this mix and recorded it on to cassette tape for me and his girlfriend.

I played that tape so much that it broke. Well, the very last song on that tape was my absolute favorite and to this day still is. I asked him repeatedly for months and months to tell me what the song was and who it was by what record he got it off of and he always refused to tell me. I've tried using Shazam when I heard the same song or at least part of it playing in the background of an astronomy show that I was watching on the Science Channel. Shaxam couldl not pick it up. Which app do you recommend to use to try and figure out what song this is.?

It'sa song that I have been trying to find out what it is for about half of my life now. Can you please help me? So, there's nothing difficult to do audio recognition now.

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I would suggest trying some of the many of the orchestral pieces on the web. The San Francisco Ballet's version of Strvinsky's Rite of Spring is also available on-line and if the app can't recognise this one, I would declare it useless from classical. As I mention in the post, Google decided to limit this to US only. It may have changes since, though.

I like how none of the songs were classical songs or orchestral pieces. These apps dont do very well finding even popular classical songs and that is a shame. Well, I did include the Bear Mcreary track, which is instrumental, but I don't know many orchestral pieces to try. I believe some of them would have recognized the more famous classical pieces, but probably not the more obscure one. It's worth a try. Thanks for your reply.

I was trying so hard to learn the name of this piece but was unable too.

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It may just be an obscure piece but like you said I just gave it a shot. Really great apps. Any ideas?

I believe most of these apps work only with recordings of actual songs, so they might have a rough time with piano playing. Shazam is the only one that supports singing and humming, so it's the only one I would expect to work using this method. But even that might not be accurate. I guess mobile apps can't do everything just yet! I am a Sony user and have TrackID as a stock apps. I tried several alternative including Shazam and SoundHound,but I chose to stick with TrackID as it has the simplest interface and it is a free and stock app, work well for me.

Well,it's stock and free, just a little ads that didn't really annoy me,I might just as well live with it.

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I have used Shazam for a while and good to know I can stay ; But also good to know the alternative when Shazam fail. I don't know what happened to good old SoundHound but it can't recognize the songs properly anymore. It used to be my fav. Ignore my earlier comment. Was supposed to delete it, but clicked 'post' instead. After reading the post again, it's clear that TrackID is still as good as ever in finding rare tracks.

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Got it. Back in 's, before TrackID was still a preinstalled app in some Sony Ericsson's phones, it was pretty impressive, managed to find almost everything I threw including obscure tracks and tracks in Chinese and Japanese. Too bad the current incarnation sounds so poor. Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter.